How to Contact Your Legislators – Act Now!

We must tell our elected officials that we want to change the marijuana laws in Georgia. In just 2 minutes you can make a difference. Here is how….

1. Go to this page LEGISLATOR LOCATOR

2. Enter your address and find your district and state representatives and senator

3. Click on their name to find contact information

4. Call or email them with the following message:

a. My name is – – – I support reforming marijuana laws in Georgia

b. I support medical marijuana for the sick

c. I do not support arresting and jailing people for possession and use of marijuana

d. We need your help in changing these laws

e. I would like to talk with further about this issue.

f. Provide contact information

It is not necessary to state all the reasons you want to reform. Just inform them you want them to act on this matter.

It’s that easy. Let us know how your efforts went. Send us their reply to

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