Can you donate? It’s time to fire it up!

Let me be blunt! Without proper funding we can not accomplish our goals. We are a volunteer organization and all funding goes directly to the operation of our projects.

In exchange for your generous donation James Bell & Ron Williams (Georgia CARE Project) pledges to represent you at the state capitol and continue to make direct contact with our lawmakers. Our goal is to get legislation filed to help move our issue forward.

We do not have grant dollars or support from national organizations at this time.

We have over 5000 on our contact list. If each person would just send $1 we would have the funding we need to get through the legislative session.

Of course not all on our list will give. So we ask those who can send a donation to please consider doing it today.

If you can not give – help us find donors who can help.

We thank you in advance for your continued support. NOW is the time to stand up and do your part to change these unjust laws in Georgia.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us in 2013