“Let Georgia Vote 2018” Campaign

For the first time in Georgia history, voters could have an opportunity to vote on whether to allow in-state cultivation of cannabis for medicine.

A resolution (House Resolution 36) filed in January 2017 by State Rep. Allen Peake and Rep. Micah Gravley and others, would place the question on the ballot in November 2018 as a Constitutional Amendment.

YES or NO – Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the regulation of the production of cannabis and sale of medical cannabis to certain individuals and further provide that the net revenue of the fees from such production be dedicated to a department and state sale taxes be dedicated to a fund to support drug treatment programs within this state?”

Legal intrastate access to medical grade cannabis is the missing link for patients who have qualified under current state law to receive a low THC oil. While patients can get a permit for use, there is no legal way to obtain the medicine in Georgia. Currently, patients must purchase cannabis oil from sources in others states. This is technically illegal under federal law.

Therefore, Georgia CARE Project supports placing the question on the ballot to allow Georgia voters to decide the issue.

Our campaign “Let Georgia Vote – 2018” supports the resolution and encourages the Georgia General Assembly the debate and pass the resolution and allow the voters who elected them to determine the fate of this proposal.

Three things you can do to support the measure:

  1. Contact your state representative and senator in support of HR-36

  2. Share our campaign (graphic) on social media

  3. Donate to Georgia CARE Project as we launch this campaign