In Georgia, casino owners often want to introduce slots that would attract more local customers. With a $250 no deposit bonus + 200 free spins, everything gets even more attractive. You can take advantage of this bonus offer and play any online casino you may like for free. In Atlanta, playing a slot with Marijuana leaves featured as symbols on the screen is not something new. In an online casino, you may find a game about weed too!

What You Can Find in a Georgia Casino: Weed Inspired Games

There are many online games that feature all sorts of things. You can find slots games with elves, dwarves, cowboys, and aliens. Why don’t we have games with weed? There is not enough pressure from r/trees! We need more Marijuana games and we are getting them. There is excellent news for everyone wanting to play these slots in addition to many others. Now you can get up to $500 no deposit bonus from select online casinos and try out any titles for free. But that’s not all; if you manage to win, you get to cash out immediately and spend it as you please.

Video games with marijuana references

While you may find different types of slots in any legal casino, we have a lot of cool references in video games. The first game that comes to mind is GTA 3 and all consecutive games in the series. Many characters are stoners and smoke weed every day as advised by Snoop Dog himself. The game is all about crime, gangsters, and tough guys! If you still didn’t try the game yet (somehow), go and buy it right now. GTA V is a great game with a massive open world and memorable characters. Sadly, you won’t find it in a Georgia casino.

There was also a game that tried its hardest to be the next GTA. It was featuring a ton of celebrities and managed to exceed our expectations with great action and interesting story. What was really cool about it for those who like not-so-subtle inserts of adult themes in games is that many characters were stoners and talked about smoking weed.

Modern gamedev is all about creating games that could find a niche. Some developers bet on creating online games like GanjaWars, a browser MMORPG about, as the name suggests, drug lords and people involved in weed trading. You may find a plethora of indie games all focused on Marijuana and business aspects of building a legal corporation as Marijuana is being legalized faster and faster North America and Europe.

Slot machines with Marijuana references

It really feels good when you get something for free. This feeling sounds familiar to those who enjoy playing online casino games, because online casinos are those which constantly offer bonus promotions, so they can play their favorite casino games without spending their own cash. Many people love to visit an online casino to spend some time hunting for a big jackpot. In some cases, you get a no deposit bonus meaning that you can try out some games without risking a dime! Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses that can give you up to 100€ free money to play any real game you want. It’s really perfect for people that want to try a new casino to see if they like it. A no deposit bonus is not a standard in the industry. You shouldn’t be expecting it in every casino, but some businesses like to promote their services with generosity.

A Georgia casino with online games dedicated to weed is not something to awe at. One of the examples is a game called Willie Nelson that you can find in gambling halls of Atlanta. Any Georgia casino has some sort of a game that features elements of Marijuana culture or leaves of this magnificent herb.

Remember that cannabis is allowed for both recreational and medical use in Atlanta and Savannah as well as in some other cities. This is why a Georgia casino won’t miss a chance to appeal to locals by installing slot machines featuring marijuana in all its glory.

Amongst online mobile games with real money rewards, Kush Slots is a great example of a “dank” marijuana game with many references to pop culture and internet memes. You may stumble upon more similar slots games online. Our culture keeps growing meaning that more and more developers of online games will pay attention to a new expanding demographic! Expect more online games about weed!