Why People in Georgia Transform Their Mobile Phones or Tablets into a Gambling Enterprises?

Most of the Southern States are more opposed to gambling, marijuana and weed legalization compared to other parts of the US. Mainly this is thanks to the mostly conservative population and conservative politics of the governors on the Southern States. One of the most restrictive states in the US when it comes to marijuana and gambling is Georgia.

Cannabis in Georgia is considered as a drug. Speaking of restrictions, there is no casino for gambling, nor horse or dog tracks for sports betting. There are no roulette games in hotels nor slots machines in bars. However, you can safely circumvent the situation by playing on legal sites registered elsewhere in the USA. For example, you can sign up on many free online poker sites that are completely legitimate and safe. On top of that, many of them give out poker bonuses that make it easy for newcomers to get into the game quickly.

Most of the states in the Southern United States are more opposed to marijuana and gambling, compared to other parts of the US. Mainly this is thanks to the mostly conservative population and conservative politics of the governor in the Peach State. Georgia care project marijuana legalization was canceled after a couple of weeks because cannabis is considered as a drug.

As we said earlier, there are no casinos for playing slots games, nor events for sports betting. The only thing available in the form of gambling in Georgia is playing the lottery. All other players with a competitive spirit, will have to try their luck on the internet, with online casinos. There are tons of online casinos that offer no deposit bonus and fun games with different themes for everyone. One of the most popular online casinos that offer these bonuses is Jackpot Capital. It’s fully open to players from the USA, and it’s perfect for new players offering many different bonuses depending on their needs. If you love to play casino games, we wholeheartedly recommend this gaming site as your starting point.

That’s why the Southern USA States are leaning toward online gambling and not surprisingly, Georgia is one of the States with high use of online gambling as a way of entertainment.

A mother’s love vs. Georgia’s “reefer madness”

Here at Georgia CARE, we love to share stories of people who are making a difference in the fight to legalize cannabis for medicine. Mothers and fathers all over Georgia are risking their freedom to help improve the lives of their children with cannabis oil. It is well known that even if medical cannabis is legalized, it will be hard and too expensive to get. If you need it, but you still don’t have the money, we offer you an opportunity to win the prize you need easily. Visit vegascrestnodeposit.com and get the latest no deposit bonus codes to start playing online casino games for free, without spending any of your own.

As we go through the legislative process many have come forward to share the most personal aspects of their lives in an effort to educate lawmakers about the miracle medicine we call CANNABIS.

Bridgett Liquori is an outlaw, not that you’d know from looking at her. This petite 34-year-old single mother’s crime? She loves her children and is risking everything to keep them as happy, safe and healthy as possible.

If that means breaking  state and federal laws to get the medical cannabis her kids need to treat their daunting illnesses, then so be it.

“I never thought I’d be a marijuana activist,” says the self-described “Canna Mom” from Gwinnett County. “But this is about my kids so I really didn’t have much choice.”

“Canna Mom” Bridgett Liquori of Buford with children Jackson (center), William (left), Lillyauhna (right) and Giovanni (rear) at the Wylde Center in Oakhurst.

Liquori is part of grassroots movement devoted to reforming Georgia’s restrictive and nonsensical medical cannabis laws. In between taking care of her kids, Liquori spends time testifying at the state capitol, working with pro-marijuana groups such as the Georgia CARE Project and writing her own blog about the benefits of medical cannabis. She’s also keeping a nervously watchful eye on how the newly minted Trump administration will handle the marijuana industry that’s growing like a weed nationwide.

A native of upstate New York, Liquori did not come by her marijuana activism easily.

“I was scared,” she said while watching her kids play at a park in Oakhurst on an unseasonably warm Saturday morning. “I was afraid of someone coming to my house and taking my kids away because I’m doing something illegal. Even though (medical cannabis) is beneficial and helpful to them, the fear was there. A lot of days it’s still there. I worry if someone is going to kick my door in.”

“Let Georgia Vote 2018” Campaign

For the first time in Georgia history, voters could have an opportunity to vote on whether to allow in-state cultivation of cannabis for medicine.

A resolution (House Resolution 36) filed in January 2017 by State Rep. Allen Peake and Rep. Micah Gravley and others, would place the question on the ballot in November 2018 as a Constitutional Amendment.

YES or NO – Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the regulation of the production of cannabis and sale of medical cannabis to certain individuals and further provide that the net revenue of the fees from such production be dedicated to a department and state sale taxes be dedicated to a fund to support drug treatment programs within this state?”

Legal intrastate access to medical grade cannabis is the missing link for patients who have qualified under current state law to receive a low THC oil. While patients can get a permit for use, there is no legal way to obtain the medicine in Georgia. Currently, patients must purchase cannabis oil from sources in others states. This is technically illegal under federal law.

Therefore, Georgia CARE Project supports placing the question on the ballot to allow Georgia voters to decide the issue.

Our campaign “Let Georgia Vote – 2018” supports the resolution and encourages the Georgia General Assembly the debate and pass the resolution and allow the voters who elected them to determine the fate of this proposal.

Three things you can do to support the measure:

  1. Contact your state representative and senator in support of HR-36

  2. Share our campaign (graphic) on social media

  3. Donate to Georgia CARE Project as we launch this campaign