No, marijuana isn’t a gateway drug

There’s more evidence that marijuana does not, in fact, lead to harder drug use.

marijuana use might not be as dangerous as some critics of the drug fear

A new study from Emory University researchers looked at federal surveys and states that legalized medical marijuana to evaluate the impact of legalization on marijuana and other drug use. Researchers found medical marijuana legalization led adults 21 and older to use more marijuana, but the increase did not lead people to try harder drugs.

The study has several implications for states that are considering whether to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. For one, it suggests relaxed marijuana laws can lead to more regular marijuana use, although not among teenagers. But the study also indicates that marijuana use might not be as dangerous as some critics of the drug fear.

BUSTED! Son of Rep. Paul Broun arrested on marijuana charges

Rep. Paul Broun’s son was arrested on misdemeanor drug charges in Clarke County jail.

According to the Athens Banner Herald, 23-year old Paul Collins Broun III was booked into the jail on a marijuana possession charge and on a charge of failing to obey a traffic signal or traffic signs.

Broun was released from jail on Saturday morning after posting a $1,500 bond.

Georgia CARE Rallies for Marijuana Legalization Athens City Hall

Supporters for marijuana law reform rallied outside the Athens-Clarke County City Hall on Monday.

“Marijuana is a popular issue around the country right now, and we are here to basically bring public attention to the fact that we are not criminals and people who use marijuana are no more criminal than a person who drinks wine,” said James Bell, director of the Georgia Campaign for Access Reform and Education Project.

The rally was facilitated by the Georgia CARE Project.

Bell said he expected up to 50 people, from different areas of Georgia and other states, to attend the event.

One study found approximately 60 percent of likely voters support marijuana reform, Bell said.

“Public sentiment has changed,” he said. “We believe there is support on our side, and we want to convince our lawmakers that we have got to change these laws.”