Elijah Holyfield arrested for Marijuana Possession

The news spread quickly on social and news media.

From UGAsports.com : Georgia Bulldog sophomore running back Elijah Holyfield was booked into the Athens Clark County jail at 3:33 a.m. ET on two misdemeanor marijuana charges early Monday morning. He was released on on bond approximately 30 minutes later.

Georgia CARE director holds rally for child injured in botched raid

“Not only were the families put in jeopardy, but the police officers were also put in jeopardy because they had no idea who was in the home,” said James Bell with the Georgia Taxpayers Alliance.

It all comes after 19-month-old Bou Bou Phonesavanh was critically injured in the failed drug raid at a Habersham County home last week.

“It’s the duty of the parents to make sure the child’s in a safe environment, and if they’re in any kind of environment where drugs are involved, then obviously, they’re not safe and if the child wasn’t in the home in the first place it would never have happened,” said Matthew Cleveland, a protestor who supports the actions of the deputies.

The deputies used a tactic where they do not knock before entering suspected drug homes.

Those against such tactics said the policies should be changed.

Habersham Co. baby hurt in drug raid sparks protest Saturday

Georgia CARE director James Bell has called for a mass rally in Clarkesville, Ga. (Habersham Co.) after a baby was seriously injured in a botched drug raid. Please attend (car) and share this post with your friends. The event is this Saturday June 7th 11:00 am Clarkesville Ga.

A Rally for Truth & Justice for Baby BouBou
June 1, 2014 – Atlanta Georgia: In the aftermath of the botched raid that left a child severely injured by a “multi-jurisdictional task force” in Habersham County Georgia, a coalition of citizens and organizations will rally in support of the family and call for state and federal investigations into the conduct of law enforcement officials.
James Bell, a political activist, has notified Habersham County and the City of Clarkesville, GA that citizens will rally in the courthouse park seeking a “redress of grievances” concerning the raid and tactics used.
Where: Habersham County Courthouse Gazebo – Clarkesville, Georgia
When: Saturday June 7 – 11:00am – 1:00 pm
Why: To demonstrate in support of the child and the family and let the world know the citizens of Georgia care about life, liberty and peace in our communities.
“Obviously citizens of Georgia and the nation have been shocked by the actions of a drug task force that left a baby critically injured”, Bell said. “The fact that the task force had no idea who was inside the home or where the suspect was at the time is most disturbing.” Bell continues – “The War on Drugs is a failure and the results are the erosion of our rights as American citizens. The militarization of law enforcement has created a situation where citizens are told to accept the collateral damage in the name of fighting the war. Tossing explosive devices into homes when they have no idea who is inside is unacceptable. We want accountability, we want answers, and we want justice for the child and their family.”
Bell said Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell’s interview with an Atlanta TV station, where he attempted to justify their actions, was embarrassing and left more questions than answers. The Sheriff’s assertion that no investigation into this matter is needed is suspicious.
Purpose of the Rally:
1. To call for a state and federal investigation into this tragedy to determine the facts and hold those responsible accountable.
2. To call for the abolition of “no-knock” warrants except where a life and death situation exists.
3. To call for an end to the War on Drugs as we know it and treat drug use as a health issue not a police matter.
4. To allow the citizens touched by this event to peaceably express their concerns.