Ohio Voters Reject “Marijuana Monopoly”

All eyes were on Ohio last night as voters went to the poll to vote on a marijuana legalization proposal that some claim was nothing more than a monopoly that would benefit a few investors.

About 65 percent of voters opposed the measure, compared to 35 percent in favor.

It must have been a soul searching moment for voters who support marijuana legalization by opposed the scheme that would allow a few investors to grow cannabis on their land.

This initiative should be a clear sign that voters want open access to cannabis cultivation for those who grow and consume it.

Some called ballot Issue 3 nothing more than “crony capitalism”.

Tom Angell, chairman of the advocacy group Marijuana Majority, was even harsher in his assessment of Issue 3. Here’s what Angell had to say in a statement sent to Business Insider:

“[Issue 3] was about a flawed measure and a campaign that didn’t represent what voters want … Several polls leading up to Election Day showed that a clear majority of Ohioans support legalizing marijuana, but voters won’t tolerate this issue being taken over by greedy special interests. Our ongoing national movement to end marijuana prohibition is focused on civil rights, health and public safety, not profits for small groups of investors … ”