CBD Oil WARNING: Know your product

States like Georgia have passed laws allowing some medical patients to receive a state issued card to possess low THC/CBD oil. But Georgia has not allowed for production of the medicine in-state. Patients must seek the black or gray markets for the product. Because of the black and gray market, hemp oil products containing virtually no THC and varying amounts of CBD are available in health foods stores, vape shops and other over-the-counter venues.

Now there are warnings that so called hemp oil imitations are popping up on the market. Counterfeiters may now be making “CBD oils” with “Spice” a synthetic poison known for its adverse effects on the consumers.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project encourages anyone seeking CBD/hemp oil to be sure they can verify the content and source of the products they buy.

We support legislation that will allow cannabis products to be legally produced in the state of Georgia that is tested for ingredients to assure the safety of the products.