Georgia’s Marijuana Arrest Statistics

If a person it caught with illicit drugs they can be arrested by law enforcement. There drug-related offense will automatically show up on their arrest records. Marijuana possession is one of the main reasons people are arrested for drug-related crimes. One may deduce that there are several issues that determine why marijuana related arrests occur so frequently in Georgia.  Some of these factors include the availability of illegal substances. Age is also a factor since marijuana is the most likely drug which youths and particularly new drug users will use.

Marijuana crime statistics

Marijuana arrest statistics reveal that marijuana possession is a serious offense in Georgia. A 2010 study entitled “The War on Marijuana in Black and White” revealed that Georgia ranks high when it pertains to marijuana drug charges and crimes. For instance, this state was ranked 6th with about 32,473 arrests. The states which were in the top five were New York, Texas, Florida, California and Illinois. New York ranked number one with more than 100,000 arrests. The same report states that in about half of all states, marijuana possession accounted for more than 90% all marijuana arrests.

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