Georgia Dad Grows One For His Son Medical Marijuana

Three weeks ago he said he was going to do it. Now you can watch him do it. “It” – is growing a cannabis plant to bring attention to the use of cannabis as a medicine. As a form of civil disobedience Mike Buffington, co-publisher of Mainstreet Newspapers in Jefferson, Georgia, decided to growing a marijuana plant for his son who has suffered from a major seizure disorder for 15 years.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project stands with Mr. Buffington and his son as they seek to educate and persuade lawmakers to enact expanding legislation (HB-722) to allow in-state cultivation and expand the medical conditions list.

“The seed was mailed to me from Europe three weeks ago. I ordered an LED grow light and heating pad from to accommodate my growing efforts.

Last Tuesday, it all arrived. I watered the dirt, put in the seed, then set it all up in a south-facing window so it will get as much daylight as possible. Saturday morning, a small shoot popped up out of the dirt. It’s now about 1/8” high as it reaches up for the light.

I don’t have a green thumb. I hope I don’t kill it. If it needs help, I’ll put on an old Grateful Dead album and let Jerry Garcia play music for it.” Mike Buffington