No Vote On Georgia Medical Marijuana Bill SB-145

The Georgia General Assembly adorned “Sine Die” without a Senate vote on a revised Senate Bill 145 (formerly HB-722) that would have expanded the medical cannabis law passed last year (HB-1).

Advocates for the bill went as far as requesting (demanding) to speak to Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (President of the Senate) just hours before adjournment in an attempt to convince Cagle to call a vote on the bill.

At about 12:30 Friday morning the session was graveled closed as lawmakers tossed confetti and cheered.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project would like to extend our gratitude to all of the organizations and individuals that lobbied, called, emailed, donated and offered moral support. We all have our place in the movement and we must continue to build on this foundation.

We must thank the legislators who stood up and made cannabis one of the most debated issues under the gold dome.

We especially need to thank Rep. Allen Peake for the leadership with this legislation.

Remember this is election year and we must put all candidates on the record as to where they stand on 1. Criminal Justice Reform 2. Medicine 3. Industrial Hemp.