Medical Marijuana in Georgia? Don’t hold your breath

The folks at Peachtree NORML have attended all of the medical marijuana hearings in Georgia and have posted this report critical of the committee studying the issue.

From Peachtree NORML: The message sent to those in attendance was that profit outweighed the lives saved by the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Sen. Renee Unterman continuously asked questions within the meeting that displayed a sense that profit trumped the lives that could be saved by this legislation.

The topics of safe access for patients and how many patients could benefit were ignored by the committee while questions about how the state could generate revenue from medical marijuana were at the forefront.

The seriousness of the committee on the topic of medicinal marijuana was shaken to the core as the committee assumed the role of research state.

The problem with the committee wanting to become the pioneers in the field of medical marijuana research is that there has been plenty of research already done in the field. One cannot be a pioneer if the landscape has already been explored and defined.

Furthermore, the committee’s desire to contract GW Pharmaceuticals to grow and manufacture the CBD oil for research studies in the state is an affront on the legitimacy of their motives.