Johns Creek City Council Candidate Says YES to Marijuana Decrim

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project received this note from Chris Coughlin, candidate for Johns Creek, GA city council. While we do not endorse candidates, we do report on candidate’s position on marijuana law reform.

Hello I’m Chris Coughlin, a candidate for Johns Creek City Council, and I support the legalization of cannabis. However, due to the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, we’d only be able to decriminalize the possession until the state of Georgia takes action to take cannabis off their illicit schedules. However, even decriminalization would not send any Johns Creek citizens to jail and would provide an interim step until Georgia progresses on fiscal responsibility and freedom. Johns Creek pays $35 a day to imprison each offender and that costs the taxpayers over $1,000 a month for each person arrested for cannabis. Plus, the clearance rate for Part/Tier 1 crimes (murder, rape, assault, burglary, etc.) is less than 25%! I suggest Johns Creek focus on crimes that are detrimental to our community and stop wasting their time on simple possession so they can find the perpetrators of significant crimes like murder, rape, assaults, etc. Saving money, freeing cops from focusing on low level crimes, and treating our citizens with respect is a win-win-win! Please like and share my page with your community and anyone in the Johns Creek area.