“I’m growing marijuana” Georgia Newspaper Publisher Says

His statement has caught the attention of many in Georgia. In a recent editorial published by Mike Buffington, a co-publisher of Mainstreet Newspapers, Inc., he plans to grow a marijuana plant on his back porch. Why? To protest Gov. Deal’s refusal to allow medical cannabis cultivation in GA.

“And so, as a simple act of civil disobedience, I will put the seed of an evil marijuana plant into a pot of dirt. This spring, I will water it and watch it grow on my sunny front porch. That one plant may not help my son today, but it will keep alive my hope that someday Georgia’s leaders will take off their blinders and allow medical research on a simple green plant that might help him, and others, in the future.” Mike Buffinton

Buffington calls out Gov. Deal for his hypocrisy concerning federal policy and pointing out that the bill signed last year allowing possession of cannabis oil also violated federal laws.

Georgia C.A.R.E. Project stand behind Mike Buffinton and support his efforts to bring attention to a issue that Georgia voters ate solidly behind – in-state cultivation of cannabis.