Georgia Senate passes revised version of House Bill 1 Medical Marijuana

The Georgia Senate has passed a revised version of House Bill 1 allowing immunity from prosecution for some patients to possession a specific form of cannabis extract for. The new version now heads back the house for debate and approval. It will require the signature of the governor.

While media is reporting it “legalizes” medical marijuana, there is no legal provision to allow for in state cultivation or extract of the medicine in Georgia. Certified patients would have to obtain the medicine from other states and risk violating other state and federal laws. You can read the bill as passed here.

The bill would also establish a study commission to look into cultivation and promotes clinical trials for a limited number of patients. It also lists eight (8) medical conditions under the immunity proposal.

Georgia C.A.R.E. continues to support better legislation like Senate bill 7 sponsored by Sen. Curt Thompson. We support in-state cultivation and whole plant medicine.