Georgia Rep. Allen Peake Files Medical Cannabis Expansion Bill HB-722

Thanks to Georgia Cannabis for summarizing House Bill 722 filed last week by Georgia State Rep. Allen Peake. After the Georgia commission on medical cannabis voted not to recommend in-state cultivation for Georgia, Peake said he intended to continue the fight. HB-722 is the result of his efforts.

What HB 722 Does

From the outset 722 is a radical departure from Georgia’s Haleigh’s Hope Act, which only decriminalized possession of certain substances by qualified patients and never actually established a medical marijuana program in Georgia. In contrast, this new law would:

  1. Dismantle Georgia’s Low THC Oil Registry, which is currently maintained by the Department of Public Health
  2. Create a new patient registry for qualified patients
  3. Expand the list of qualifying conditions
  4. Provide a broader definition for caretakers
  5. Create a robust, fully-regulated medical cannabis system that includes in-state cultivation (no smoking, oil or vape only)
  6. Track the progress of patient treatment by collecting aggregated information on treatments and outcomes
  7. Place strict controls over who may access patient information and states that patient registry records may not be used against them in unrelated criminal proceedings
  8. Provide legal protection for qualified patients in housing and school situations
  9. Provide employment protection to qualified patients
  10. Provide custody protection to parents who are qualified parents
  11. Provide reasonable access to patients who are in nursing facilities
  12. Create a perpetual 20-person task force with vague duties

The bill also expands the accepted medical conditions.