Georgia Libertarian Candidate Andrew Hunt “decriminalize marijuana”

From Peachtree NORML: The 2014 Georgia gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Though there has been much talk and coverage about the Republican candidate Nathan Deal and the Democratic candidate Jason Carter, there has been little reference to the Libertarian candidate Andrew Hunt.

“I am putting forth a broad medical marijuana bill as well as allowance of industrial hemp,” Hunt said. “If a bill decriminalizing [marijuana] does pass, I will gladly sign it.”

“Texas closed three prisons and reduced crime rates at the same time,” Hunt said, “The punishment for victimless crimes should be just fines, and I will move in this direction as much as possible. I hope to show a majority of people that moves toward greater Liberty are great for society. I will support changes to the War on Drugs to reduce the impact that drugs have on our society. Much of the impact is the crime related to the drugs being illegal and people being pulled out of society to serve time in prison. I would like to have net savings in our budget by having drug rehabilitation program versus jail time, and would work to get such changes passed into law and implemented. Police could then focus more on protecting the people versus attacking them.” Andrew Hunt

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