DEA says CBD is Schedule 1 – so what?

There’s been a lot of articles shared online – even on our Facebook – about the “policy change” that occurred within the US Drug Enforcement Administration a few weeks ago.

For the most part, these articles have given voice to a lot of uncertainty and understandable fear about what the DEA’s action means for the cannabis industry and most importantly for patients across the country who use legal CBD products in non-legal states, like Georgia.

Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to provide you with better information.

The change was basically a clerical one. Many thought it was a new law that meant CBD is now banned because it is included under the Schedule 1 classification of cannabis – the classification which states cannabis has no medicinal properties and is a highly addictive, illicit substance illegal under federal law. However, no laws were created or changed.

The short version is that nothing has really changed. Businesses won’t be closing and patients shouldn’t fear being arrested or prosecuted for using CBD products. Concern is perfectly valid when living in a prohibition state, and there’s still uncertainty, but as of now, there’s still no cause for alarm.