Cultivation Charges Dropped Against Georgia Couple Growing Medical Marijuana

This is an amazing story about the misfortune of a north Georgia couple, a lawyer willing to fight for freedom and a DA with compassion to drop the charges for cultivating a plant they use as medicine. This couple was facing 10 years in state prison, instead they went home to live their life in freedom.

Thanks to for sharing this story and to David West for taking a stand for liberty. And to Fannin County DA Alison Sosebee – thank you for having the discretion and compassion in understanding the need for this couple to seek healing.  jb



Attorney David West

David West is an Atlanta-area attorney that has defended hundreds of people all over Georgia in drug cases, mostly for felony marijuana charges. West carries with him a strong conviction about the war on drugs and the damage that is being done every day to ordinary, productive citizens as a result of that misguided war. Because he has been a criminal defense attorney for over 20 years he thought he’d seen it all, too, until he ran into a truck load of common sense in Fannin County, Georgia.

West said when he first met with members of the Fannin County District Attorney’s office at Ruth’s arraignment last week he was told that a warrant had been issued for Sullivan based on the grand jury indictment and that he would be arrested that morning and forced to bond out of jail. Though this is what Ruth and Sullivan both expected to happen, West didn’t see things that way, so he began pleading the Sullivan’s case to the Assistant District Attorney. “This shouldn’t happen” West told the ADA.  “Someone who serves their country like he did shouldn’t go through this”. After pointing out the couple’s trouble-free life, history of service and the fact that the only reason they were growing marijuana in the first place was to treat Ruth’s MS the ADA took his side. “I agree, let’s talk to Alison”.