State Senator Unterman admits she’s holding medical marijuana bill hostage

As reported by WSB TV 2 ATLANTA — The Georgia House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a medical marijuana bill but the potential law may have hit a snag in the Senate.

Gwinnett County Republican state Sen. Renee Unterman admitted to Channel 2’s Lori Geary that she is holding up the bill until the House makes progress on her bills.

“My main concern is that you are giving false hope,” Unterman told Geary. “I’ve had a lot of representatives come over here and say, ‘I voted for the bill for the families,’ but yet I know the bill does nothing.”

Unterman told Geary she’ll plan on hearings next week, but will look at other bills filed on the issue, including one that sets up a study committee to give lawmakers time to figure out how to comply with federal laws.