Florida Needs Volunteers – Ballot Petition Underway

We understand your time is extremely limited. And so is our time to get on the ballot in 2014.

That’s why United for Care has brought in David Abrams and Harris Harrigan to lead volunteer efforts for our statewide campaign to bring medical marijuana to Florida. They’re here to make sure that we’re organized, responsive, everywhere we can reasonably be – and that any time you can spare to help is used in the most productive way possible.

David Abrams was a State Coordinator for The Children’s Movement of Florida organizing large-scale rallies and committees while activating a strong volunteer base. David and his partner Harris Harrigan as a team have mobilized activists regarding several issues on a national level particularly in Florida, New York, DC , and California.

The interest in this campaign has been intense and unrelenting. We need volunteers to help us with petition distribution, petition sorting, collection, contribution drives, and telephone and internet outreach. We need your help to meet the huge demand for petitions, answers and processing.

We are looking for 3000 new volunteers over the next 60 days. We want to blanket the state and make sure that voters know the truth about medical marijuana and this petition.

If this is going to get on the ballot, it’s going to require an Army of Angels. Please be one of them.