Georgia CARE In The News: Douglas County Sentinel

Douglas County Sentinel newspaper (West Atlanta) reports on James Bell – Georgia CARE director and resident of Douglas County. The article prompted a front page poll on legalization of marijuana. 56% say YES to legalization.

“As these states are decriminalizing or perhaps just medicalizing it, they’re realizing that people can use marijuana responsibly and they can use it for medical benefits and they can use it recreationally without becoming criminals or otherwise becoming a burden on society,” Bell said. James Bell – Georgia CARE

Polls: Two Southern States Support Medical Marijuana

NORML reports on polling: In another sign of the changing times, this past week two new polls have been released demonstrating majority support for allowing the medical use of marijuana in two southern states, a region historically less supportive of cannabis law reforms.

A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed that most North Carolinians believe that a doctor should possess the legal option to authorize marijuana for patients. Support for legalizing medical marijuana is at 58% overall, with 33% opposed and 9% undecided. A majority of every age group under age 65 supports allowing for the medical use of marijuana. The poll surveyed 608 North Carolina voters between January 10 and January 13, 2013.

Another Public Policy Polling survey had the majority of West Virginians supporting the medical use of cannabis, 53% in favor to 40% opposed. Further, when asked which is a safer treatment for debilitating pain: the medical use of marijuana or Oxycontin, 63% responded medical marijuana.