What Georgians Say About Legal Marijuana

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petition2Georgia CARE Project now have over 2000 signatures on the petition to legalize marijuana in Georgia. Here is what Georgians have to say:

“We are spending too much money and legal resources prosecuting non-violent marijuana offenders.” A.A. SUWANEE, GA

“I do not believe that marijuana should be an illegal drug for many reasons. One of which is it has been steadily in the rise in the U.S. and has been proven to help some patients with their medical needs.” C.C. PEACHTREE CITY, GA

“History has shown us that prohibition does not work. It is time for Georgia to become an example for the south, and legalize marijuana.” T.N. WOODSTOCK, GA

“I am suffering the consequences for having been arrested with 35 grams of marijuana. As a result, I can’t get a good job in Macon because the entire city frowns so heavily on it. I am an honest, hard working and responsible adult – in no way do I belong in jail nor should I be suffering any legal consequences as a result. I spent several months in jail and it changed my life. I should have never been exposed to that type of situation. This law seriously needs to be reviewed and changed.” R.G.  MACON, GA

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