Theresa Yarbrough Named New Director of Georgia CARE Project

Georgia CARE Project is pleased to announce that Theresa Yarbrough of Cedartown has been named as it’s new Director as of October 24, 2017. These changes were precipitated by the recent passing of it’s founder, James Bell.

Ms. Yarbrough has been an active advocate for the Reform of Marijuana Laws since joining NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in 1990 and began her journey under the guidance of it’s founder, James Bell. As assistant director of Georgia NORML she traveled the southeast speaking at colleges and events. She was instrumental in the organization of local conferences, rallies, and protests. She announced her run for the Georgia State Senate in District 31 as an independent candidate with a legalization platform at the 3rd Annual Great Atlanta Pot Festival, an event she helped coordinate. This event attracted the attention of the nation and her political aspirations landed her many opportunities to speak about legalization on radio and television news outlets.

Tracy Manning, who serves Social Media Manager and Adviser for Georgia CARE Project, had this to say:

“Ms. Yarbrough was the obvious choice because of her long-standing alliance with James. She had served as his Assistant Director in the marijuana reform organization group, Georgia NORML. We are excited to see what we will accomplish under her leadership.”

“She has exhibited the same passion and desire we saw in James. I believe she will take Georgia CARE Project to the next level within the state and help make James’ work live on.” said Jason Turner Secretary / Treasurer and Advisor for the group.

“I am very excited to be named Director. The Georgia CARE Project is very personal to me. It was created by the insight and innovative thinking of it’s founder and my friend, James Bell. Through his passion and commitment it has grown into a large network of people dedicated to his dream of people having legal access to quality and safe medications here in Georgia. I look forward to shaping the future in collaboration with that network, including our board of advisors, investors, and our neighboring groups who also share this vision.”

The Georgia CARE Project is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to the reform of Georgia’s outmoded, racially biased, and uncompassionate cannabis laws with three main goals.

  1. Allow patients unfettered and safe access to tested and regulated medical marijuana that is grown, packaged, and sold in Georgia.
  2. Reform Georgia law to remove criminal penalties for the possession of cannabis.
  3. Legalize industrial hemp and usher in a robust hemp industry in Georgia.

The group’s latest action has been “Let Georgia Vote 2018” Campaign” which would, for the first time in Georgia history, allow voters the opportunity to vote on whether to allow in-state cultivation of cannabis for medicine. A resolution (House Resolution 36) filed in January 2017 by State Rep. Allen Peake and Rep. Micah Gravley and others, would place the question on the ballot in November 2018 as a Constitutional Amendment.

Theresa Yarbrough can be reached for comment at or by telephone at (678) 901-0162. For More information about the Georgia CARE Project visit

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