Georgia’s Push for Medicinal Cannabis Continues in 2017

Georgia’s Push for Medicinal Cannabis Continues in 2017

Georgia supporters of medical marijuana will continue the fight for legal access during the 2017 legislative session that starts January 9th.

In spite of push back by prosecutors, law enforcement, a religious lobbying group, and Gov. Nathan Deal, lawmakers are expected to file another bill that would expand the existing medical marijuana legislation established under House Bill 1.

State Rep. Allen Peake, the leading force behind the legislation has stated that while in-state cultivation is necessary to provide legal access to the low THC cannabis oil, the other option would be to expand the list of medical conditions required for legal access in Georgia.

Georgia CARE Project (Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform and Education) continues to stand with lawmakers as they attempt to enact this legislation.

Georgia CARE Director James Bell said the persistence of Rep. Peake and a majority of legislators to move legislation forward is encouraging and historic. With 28 states and the District of Columbia allowing medical or “recreational” use of cannabis, more than 60% of the nation’s population now live in reformed states.

“Our mission is to rally support for reform legislation and encourage the citizens of Georgia to stand up, speak out and get engaged in this process”, Bell said. “We know the public supports reform and we know the legislature supports reform. Our challenge is now to overcome the hurdles Gov. Deal has placed in our way.”

As long as Deal is governor, Georgia CARE Project believes chances are slim that Georgia will see in-state cultivation. Deal’s term ends in 2018, so we must be sure our next governor views this issue with a more progressive attitude.

“A gubernatorial candidate who supports cannabis law reform is more likely to be elected considering more than 80% of Georgia voters support in-state cultivation”, Bell said. “The public will view opponents of reform as obstructionists and out of touch with the desires of the voters.”

The AJC published a report on the issue that gives hope that reform legislation is possible considering how it’s sweeping across the nation.

Read the Report HERE>>>–regional-govt–politics/medical-marijuana-supporters-see-opening-obstacles-state-expansion/2MCjBgTne8e83zo2NMTBJO/

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