The buzz about decriminalizing weed in Savannah

This column is from of Connect Savannah . If you live in the Savannah area please support our efforts with Savannah CARE Project. As an affiliate of Georgia CARE Project we will be able to educate and organize in the coastal area. We need your support, talents and skills. JB

“All it takes is a vote from City Council and cooperation of the police department,” said Maxwell Ruppersburg, director of communication and outreach for the Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform and Education.

“It’s just a matter of getting citizens on board.”

Better known as the Georgia CARE Project, the non-profit campaign has been advocating for cannabis reform at the state level since 2012, lobbying for also for regulated medical marijuana and laying groundwork for a statewide industrial hemp industry.

In addition to representing at the Georgia Assembly this year when the Senate passed a bill legalizing the use of cannabis oil to treat AIDS, autism and a handful of other conditions, the Georgia CARE Project also launched its City by City Initiative to further its legislative goals.

“This allows cities to say, ‘we don’t want to wait for the state,’” continued Ruppersberg to the 50-person crowd gathered in Bull Street Labs’ super cool co-working space (so much mid-century modern goodness here, and all the furniture is on wheels, yo!)

“We believe this is a better way to police the community.”

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