Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform & Education

Contact: Georgia C.A.R.E. Project
Georgia CARE is a project of the Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc., dedicated to the reform of Georgia’s antiquated cannabis (marijuana) laws. A volunteer organization.
Georgia CARE Project serves as a clearinghouse for information on cannabis law reform, activism and a voice for law reform in Georgia.
We are a coalition of organizations & individuals who seek to allow medical access, decriminalization and legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp.
We work with the public, media and lawmakers in developing responsible legislation to allow legal access to cannabis.
We participate in public speaking events, debates, hearings, media interviews. We are available for media interviews and consulting.
The cost of prohibition in terms of civil liberties, tax dollars and wasted criminal justice resources is unjustifiable.
State Legislators have acknowledged we can no longer afford the current criminal justice policies and as they seek solutions we need your support in reforming the laws.


Thank you for your interest and support,


James Bell, Executive Director

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