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New T-shirt Design Available Now! New Logo

Exciting news! Our new T-Shirts with the new Georgia C.A.R.E. logo design are in stock. Get yours NOW! Three colors – various sizes. White – Black – Gray – Also…

Georgia Rally Social Media art 2

Media Alert: Marijuana Rally Saturday Oct 18

Atlanta GA: Is Georgia ready for marijuana (cannabis) law reform? Georgia C.A.R.E. director James Bell says YES. Polls indicate more than 60% of likely Georgia voters support some form of…


Hemp Oil Hustlers – A Report

Found this report  on concerning the Hemp CBD oil market. A must read. Click here>>>


Georgia CARE Responds to CBD Oil Only Legislation

We received an email this week I feel should be shared. JB The email reads: I’ve given up on you. After you gave up on “us” the millions fighting Epilepsy….


Legalization Rally Sponsors Needed

Action Alert: Friends we need your help. Georgia C.A.R.E. is seeking sponsors for the Sat. Oct. 18 Georgia Rally for Legalization in Atlanta. We need funds the cover the cost…


New Long Sleeve Shirt Hot Off the Press!

Just in time for Fall. Georgia C.A.R.E. has NEW Long Sleeve Shirts available with the new logo. Show your support and get yours TODAY! $25 donation. Other shirts on sale…

Facebook Page

Join us on Facebook Get Informed… Get Active!

Keep up with the latest news and information on our Facebook page. Get organized, get active, get informed. Help us change the laws in the state of Georgia.


Police Raid: mistake okra plants for cannabis

A police raid in Bartow County Georgia yielded okra plants not marijuana. See this unbelievable story.


Medical Cannabis Study Committee #3

Medical Cannabis Study Committee to Meet Tomorrow October 1st ATLANTA – The Joint Study Committee on Prescription of Medical Cannabis for Serious Medical Conditions will hold its next meeting TOMORROW,…

Georgia Rally Social Media art 2

Georgia Rally for Marijuana Legalization Oct 18 Atlanta

Atlanta GA: Georgia C.A.R.E. will host a rally for marijuana legalization to show support for law reform in Georgia.   The event will be at the Plaza Park just west…


Pro Cannabis Music Video Rocks the Movement

Addey Lane – All for One – Pro Cannabis Movement song kick starting awareness to the fight to legalize Cannabis/Hemp in Pop Culture.

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