Petition to Legalize Marijuana in Georgia USA

Please sign the petition and show Georgia lawmakers that the citizens of Georgia want to end prohibition. Sign, then make a comment on why you want to legalize. Last year…


How to Contact Your Georgia Legislators – Act Now!

Contact your state representative and senator concerning marijuana law reform. Here’s how… 1. Go to this page Georgia General Assembly Web Page (note: Current member information will be updated on…


Opinion: AJC – A look at the medical marijuana debate

In this weeks AJC Atlanta Forward Blog  The second of a two-part series on medical marijuana. A law professor specializing in forensic medicine writes about factors complicating the decriminalization of…


Sen. Curt Thompson Will Keep Pushing Medical Cannabis Bill SB-7

(APN) ATLANTA — Today, Monday, January 26, 2015, State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) is formally introducing language to replace the original, placeholder language of HB 1, to provide immunity for…


Advocates for Marijuana Legalization Speak Out – UGA Athens Georgia

From The Red & Black Athens GA:  Georgia General Assembly representative Allen Peake recently introduced a bill to senators that would allow cannabis to be grown and distributed in Georgia….

Former Georgia Speaker of the House Tom Murphy

Georgia House Bill 1 will Erase 1980 Legislative Intent for Medical Marijuana

When Georgia House Bill 1, by Rep. Allen Peake, is filed on Monday it will erase 35 years of legislative intent to provide marijuana for research and trial purposes. More…

hand cuffs pot

Georgia State Rep. Allen Peake Damage Control

Georgia State Rep. Allen Peake is on the defensive after agreeing with Gov. Deal to kill in-state medical cannabis cultivation bill (HB-1) for 2015. The AJC published two essays on…

NORML Poster

Rally for Peace Justice & Unity Feb. 10 GA State Capitol

Georgia C.A.R.E. will be participating in the Rally for Peace Justice & Unity at the new Liberty Plaza – Georgia State Capitol (east side) 1:00 pm. Join a coalition of…


One year after legalization the sky did not fall in Colorado

A year after marijuana legalisation in Colorado, ‘everything’s fine’ confirm police It’s been a year since Colorado became the first state in the US to legalise marijuana, and its impact…

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Is Gov. Deal and Rep. Peake Preparing to Violate Federal and States Laws?

In what has been called a compromise on medical marijuana in Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal and Rep. Allen Peake has agreed to enact some form of immunity for possession of…


Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

While I do not consider marijuana legalization to be a “radical” idea, the “Rules for Radicals” will give activists guidelines for taking action. What is radical to me is a…

Deal WSB

Governor Nathan Deal Kills Medical Marijuana Bill

Atlanta GA: The headline screamed “Gov Deal Supports New Medical Marijuana Bill”. What it did not say was this “new bill” essentially killed any efforts to get legal cannabis medicine…

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